STAR Spotlight: Working with Advocacy Groups in Coalitions

November 21, 2013 6:52 pm

Patient advocacy groups and professional associations often work together in coalitions to advance common goals.  What is an appropriate role for pharmaceutical companies to play in these coalitions?

The Fall 2013 Edition of STAR: Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations surveyed patient advocacy groups and professional associations across 15 therapeutic areas about their experiences and views on working in coalitions.
The data reveal:

  • A large majority of organizations – 87% – have been members of three or more coalitions in the past three years
  • Most coalitions are focused on disease awareness and education, policy action, and advocacy group support
  • Panelists believe there are many appropriate roles for pharmaceutical companies to play in coalitions, including providing financial support, connecting organizations together, and providing resources


About STAR

The STAR report is a syndicated market research report allowing pharmaceutical and biotech companies to benchmark their company’s advocacy relations efforts. STAR will help companies understand emerging policy and advocacy trends, enabling companies to quickly develop, commercialize, differentiate, and secure reimbursement for products.

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