STAR Spotlight: Leading Pharma Companies in Public Policy

December 4, 2013 9:50 pm

Patient advocacy groups and professional associations often collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotech companies on healthcare policy issues to ensure patient access to appropriate care.  Each fall, STAR: Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations ( surveys national patient and professional groups across 15 therapeutic areas to identify leading companies in public policy and determine how advocacy groups prefer to work with industry on policy issues.

What does the STAR Fall 2013 data reveal? Pfizer leads for the third consecutive year across all policy-related metrics with 73 total nominations.  Janssen and Roche/Genentech are the next highest nominated companies for expertise in public policy, with Janssen leading in HIV/AIDS and immunology and Roche/Genentech leading in oncology.  In addition, the most visible companies on Capitol Hill are focused primarily on advocating for disease specific issues.

The report also uncovers:

  • Why companies have the most impact on Capitol Hill.
  • Top priority healthcare policy issues for groups and their constituents.
  • The best ways that industry can work with advocacy groups on national legislative issues.
  • Companies with the most visibility and impact at the state level.
  • Which companies are working collaboratively with MCOs or employers and the most common approaches companies are using to promote treatment coverage.
  • Groups’ interest and involvement in quality of care initiatives, Essential Health Benefits and State Health Insurance Marketplaces, and Accountable Care Organizations, and which companies are seen as leaders in supporting patient needs and groups’ interests in these areas.

STAR National Advocacy Policy Rankings

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About STAR 

The STAR report is a syndicated market research report allowing pharmaceutical and biotech companies to benchmark their company’s advocacy relations efforts. STAR will help companies understand emerging policy and advocacy trends, enabling companies to quickly develop, commercialize, differentiate, and secure reimbursement for products.

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