STAR Spotlight: Leading Companies in Advocacy Relations 2014

May 2, 2014 1:47 pm

STAR HeaderWhich pharmaceutical companies are doing the best job of partnering with patient and professional organizations to advance common goals?  The 2014 Edition of STAR (Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations) shares insights from 124 patient advocacy groups and professional associations across 17 therapeutic areas.

The data reveals:

  • For the first time since STAR was launched in 2010, Janssen is the top company providing support to advocacy organizations across all disease states, replacing Roche/Genentech which held the number one spot for the past two years.  Janssen is best known for supporting groups’ policy-related activities and forming relationships at the highest levels of leadership within the company.
  • Roche/Genentech falls to third place while Pfizer maintains its second place ranking from 2013.
  • Gilead was new to the top rankings in 2014, advancing 19 spots since 2013 to place eighth overall.

The top 10 companies providing support to patient advocacy organizations and professional associations in the 2014 STAR Spring report are:

Top 10 STAR

Your edition of the 2014 STAR Report can tell you:

  • How your company ranks against others in providing support to advocacy organizations
  • Which companies lead in specific therapeutic areas
  • What types of support are groups most interested in receiving from industry partners
  • Which companies have the best corporate image among advocacy groups and why

To learn more about STAR and request your copy of the 2014 Report contact:

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