STAR Spotlight: Advocates’ Role in Key Policy and Access Issues

May 12, 2014 8:39 pm

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Healthcare policy is a key area where pharmaceutical and biotech companies can support the efforts of advocacy organizations to positively impact patient access to care and treatment. With so many changes underway in healthcare policy at the national and state level, determining the appropriate focus for these efforts is critical.

The 2014 STAR (Successfully Targeting Advocacy Relations) report provides insights from patient advocacy groups and professional associations across 12 therapeutic areas, including which policy issues are of greatest priority to groups and the best ways that pharmaceutical companies can ensure patients’ access to treatments. The findings show:

  • Quality of care was selected by nearly 80% of respondents as a top priority healthcare policy issue.
  • The most appropriate future roles for pharma companies in ensuring access to treatment for patients are providing updated information and funding for groups’ programs and activities.

Top Policy Priorities

Additional policy insights from the Spring 2014 STAR Report include:

  • The impact of healthcare reform on patients’ access to treatments
  • Top priority policy issues for advocacy groups by therapeutic area
  • Involvement by groups in State Exchanges, Medicaid expansion, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Appropriate role for pharma and biotech companies in ensuring patients’ access to treatments
  • Which companies are perceived as leaders in ensuring patients’ access to treatments and why

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